When I'm Gone

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When we think about death, it's easy to do one of two things. First, it's easy to despair. Second, to avoid the first option, it's easy to use our hope in Christ to minimize the tragedy of death. We say potentially unhelpful things to people who are grieving, like "he's in a better place" - hoping they can skip past the bleakness of death by clinging to the hope of heaven. I wanted to write a song about a third way. As Christians, we can freely acknowledge the power and sting of death. We can lament it. It's not part of God's good creation. And at the same time, we can claim the hope that when we are not present in the body, we are with the Lord. And one day, we'll be part of the real feast that will come when heaven comes down to earth, all things are made right, and death is fully and finally defeated. As I Thess. 4:13 indicates, we are free to grieve - but to grieve with hope.


When I’m gone, cry for me
This is not how it’s meant to be
I know now you feel death’s sting
The victory goes to the enemy
When I’m gone , oh-oh

When I’m gone raise a glass
Make a toast there right by the casket
‘Cause I can do now what you’re not able
I’m Drinkin’ good red wine at heaven’s table
I am home, oh-oh (4x)

So when I’m gone, shed a tear
But grieve in hope, friend, don’t grieve in fear
‘Cause what you see now is not the end
When heaven comes to earth the feast begins

Let heaven come, oh-oh
Let the Kingdom come, oh-oh

“When I’m Gone” words and music by Jill McFadden
2013 Ordinary Time Music
CCLI# 6418100


from Joy Brand New, released October 29, 2013
“When I’m Gone” words and music by Jill McFadden
2013 Ordinary Time Music
CCLI# 6418100


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