The Herald And The Heralded

from Good News by Ordinary Time

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[C] [G]
The Angels squeezed in---to our sky
[Am] [B] [C] [Gsus] [G]
Now filled and bright to scorch the eye
[C] [G]
Like lightening gathered, standing still
[Am] [B] [C] [Gsus] [G] [C]
Ligh-----ting valleys, fields and hills
[Am] [B] [C] [F] [Am]
What me----ssage to the world could raise
[Am] [B] [C] [F] [Am]
Choirs to burst the earth with praise?
[Am] [B] [C] [F] [Am]
News too big for hi----sto-----ry,
[F] [C]
or crea-------tion to contain?

[G] [F]
He has come! He has come!
[F] [C]
Greet him and be greeted, soul.
[F] [Am]
The proud, they never thought to fear
[F] [C]
And the humble hardly dared to hope
[Em] [G] [C]
For his coming, but the Lord is here!

The herald and the heralded
They never were so strangely paired
The hosts of glory point the way
To a child unnoticed in the hay.

This dim lit room with earthen floor
Was praised with light that filled the sky
Choruses that split the air
Yield now tooo--- the lullaby

We who lived to see him die
Lived to see him rise again
We wait amidst the joy and fear
For the day he promised when,

He will his own announcer be.
Then the sky will split again
proud and humble, rich and poor;
All will seeeeeee---- his coming then.


from Good News, released December 1, 2016


all rights reserved



Ordinary Time

They met in a “History of Christian Worship” class in seminary, where they discovered a shared love for old songs in danger of being forgotten. The band’s oeuvre seamlessly weaves the hymns of generations past with their own new songs—often indistinguishably—producing a
sound that ranges from bluegrass-tinged Americana to sacred harp hymn arrangements.
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