The Feast

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The feast of Belshazzar is a story from the book of Daniel. It was first suggested—in jest by a friend of ours— that we do a song (or maybe it was a whole album) about this event. However, the story is so captivating, swift, and full of action that it seemed impossible not to write a song about it after revisiting it. The story is memorable for many reasons but perhaps most of all because it features a floating human hand sans body writing on a wall. However, the story also has two immediate and powerful lessons for Gods people: God is sovereign at all times and situations and will right the world even when the wicked flourish; and like Daniel, we should be willing to speak truth to power regardless of how that truth might threaten.


D Em
They brought in the goblets
Silver and gold, and drank wine from them
The king and his nobles
His wives and his concubines, they drank wine from them
They praised the gods of
silver and gold, iron and stone
they raised their glasses
they honored bronze they honored wood

but as they feasted
the kings knees began to shake
his face grew pale and
then his legs both gave way
a human hand appeared and wrote
high on the wall

The king said to Daniel
If you can say what this means
You will be made rich
And placed high over all of these
Daniel replied “King
You can keep your gifts for yourself
I will read these words and tell you what they mean

God has numbered the days
of your reign and brought it to an end.
You’ve been weighed on the scales
and found wanting in the end
Your kingdom is divided
and given to Your enemies

God, the most high, gave your father glory and greatness and splendor!
But you did not humble yourself, you have not honored the Lord!
You praised the gods which do not see or hear or understand!

“The Feast” words and music by Peter La Grand
2013 Ordinary Time Music
CCLI# 6418289


from Joy Brand New, released October 29, 2013
“The Feast” words and music by Peter La Grand
2013 Ordinary Time Music
CCLI# 6418289


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