Joy Brand New

from by Ordinary Time



This is a call to worship and a reflection on our cause for worship. The ancient story of our creation, fall and redemption remains the same through the centuries but it also has power to grab us in fresh ways with each new day. There is joy to be found in its re-telling. However, we often need help in receiving this joy because the story is so familiar to us that we no longer view it as profound. One challenge in writing sacred music is to find fresh ways of articulating the great story; ways that strike us in unfamiliar ways, without ever telling a different story. This song attempts to do just this. The old, old story belongs to us and there is always a fresh hallelujah to raise.


Come and Praise the Lord with joy brand new
G/B(G7) C9 C F C/E Gsus
How he cherished the ones who re--jected him
C F Dm Am
Reversing the fall, lifting us all,
C/E F Gsus G C
Up to glo-------ry again.

The Lord has made us to worship him;
Our origin and our resting place.
But we placed our hearts on the gifts he gave
Worshipping frauds, fashioning gods
of the good things he made.

(mod. C Csus C G/B C Csus C A/C# )
D Dsus D
But he saw the need of his ene-----mies
A D/A A7
Of all people; you and me
D G D/F# Asus
And came uninvited to his own earth
D G Em Bm
Humbly born, greeted with scorn
D/F# G Asus A D
Seeking the hu-------man’s curse!

Now Christ has known an imposter’s shame
A stranger in the world he made
In the place of idolaters, God was blamed (pause- enter all)
But the world it was won, foes became sons
Of the most high again!

Come and praise the Lord with joy brand new
And raise a fresh hallelujah
For the old, old story belongs to you
You who were lost, strangers to God
Welcomed as heirs again!


from Joy Brand New, released October 29, 2013
“Joy Brand New” words and music by Ben Keyes
2013 Ordinary Time Music
CCLI# 6418265


all rights reserved



Ordinary Time

They met in a “History of Christian Worship” class in seminary, where they discovered a shared love for old songs in danger of being forgotten. The band’s oeuvre seamlessly weaves the hymns of generations past with their own new songs—often indistinguishably—producing a
sound that ranges from bluegrass-tinged Americana to sacred harp hymn arrangements.
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