A Higher, Deeper Praise

from by Ordinary Time



God has accomplished everything necessary for us; from our existence to our salvation. As we reflect on the coming of Christ, the man who was fully God, we see the way in which God has truly done all that is needed; making up for everything lacking in us. He is the maker of everything good AND the one who is blamed for everything wrong. He is the lawgiver and the only one who could actually obey God’s Law. He is the playwright and the key character in the story. There is no part of our salvation that we have in some way accomplished. He has done it all. He is exalted above the all things and yet he has been crushed and humiliated and estranged more fully then we can ever imagine. He is worthy of both high praise and deep praise.

*A special thanks to Abraham Kuyper for the first line of the song. The quote is:
“There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, "Mine!”


D A/C# D G
You who cry out ‘mine’ to
D/F# A/C#
All the wonders of your world;
D G Em
You take all the cre-dit,
A/C# G/B A/C# D
You have made it a-------ll.
D A/C# D G
Yet You have cried ‘mine’ to
D/F# A/C#
Ev’ry dark and bitter sin
D G Em
You took all the cre-----dit
A/C# D
For our fall.

Bm D/F# G9 G
You deserve the glory
D/A F#m/A Bm9
You have borne the shame
D/C G/B Em A/C# D
Lead us to a high------er deeper praise!

You who spoke to Moses,
On Sinai long ago;
Showed us how to know You
In this desert waste
But who has followed
Save the man who was our God?
Who but the lawgiver
Has obeyed?

You are the victor
Shattering both sin and death
Who can stand to challenge
Your eternal throne?

But You were defeated;
You were beaten, stripped and scorned.
What of human pain
Have You not known?

God tells our story
And plays each needful part
He is author yet
He steps onto the page

Come and praise our playwright
Who alone has truly played
He transforms the story
From the stage.

“A Higher, Deeper Praise” words and music by Ben Keyes
2013 Ordinary Time Music
CCLI# 6418258


from Joy Brand New, released October 29, 2013
“A Higher, Deeper Praise” words and music by Ben Keyes
2013 Ordinary Time Music
CCLI# 6418258


all rights reserved



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