Joy Brand New

by Ordinary Time

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C F All who have called on Jesus name C/E G/B Who know that he died and yet he lives; C C/Bb F We have all stumbled and failed to lay claim C/E G/B C To the new life that he freely gives: You who for lasting approval have labored Under the glare of fickle men; Yours is the love, the acceptance and favor That God shows to his perfect Son. G/B C C/E F G/B Don’t be di-----scouraged, Em F Am G/B for the Spirit of grace, G/B C C/E F G/B Continues the fight that was won on Calvary; C G C Turning our treason into faith You who struggle in conflict with others Dogged by quarrels and petty wars; Yours is the adoption that makes us brothers and sisters; one forevermore. You whose lustful longings have led you To cravings deep yet unfulfilled; Yours is the peace and final fulfillment Which bids lesser longings to be still You who in pain have doubted His goodness And waited on his power to set you free; Yours is the God, who in the darkness cried: “My God, why have you forsaken me?” You who exalt in your wealth and power And in abundance, see but shallow need; Yours is the lowliness of the most High Who took on flesh that he might bleed.
C F C Come and Praise the Lord with joy brand new G/B(G7) C9 C F C/E Gsus How he cherished the ones who re--jected him C F Dm Am Reversing the fall, lifting us all, C/E F Gsus G C Up to glo-------ry again. The Lord has made us to worship him; Our origin and our resting place. But we placed our hearts on the gifts he gave Worshipping frauds, fashioning gods of the good things he made. (mod. C Csus C G/B C Csus C A/C# ) D Dsus D But he saw the need of his ene-----mies A D/A A7 Of all people; you and me D G D/F# Asus And came uninvited to his own earth D G Em Bm Humbly born, greeted with scorn D/F# G Asus A D Seeking the hu-------man’s curse! Now Christ has known an imposter’s shame A stranger in the world he made In the place of idolaters, God was blamed (pause- enter all) But the world it was won, foes became sons Of the most high again! Come and praise the Lord with joy brand new And raise a fresh hallelujah For the old, old story belongs to you You who were lost, strangers to God Welcomed as heirs again!
D G You are my reason to sing Bm A At the root of all my joy D G the Giver of everything Bm A Your law it revives my soul G Bm A The heavens declare the work of your hands G Bm A Day after day they bear witness to your glory D A D/F# G May the words of my mouth, the mediation of my heart D A D/F# G Be pleasing in your sight O Lord my rock and my redeemer The way of our Lord is true It is righteous and everlasting His laws are radiant His commands make wise the simple The heavens declare….
Am C G C Come ye sinners Poor and needy weak and wounded sick and sore C G Am Em Am Jesus ready stands to save you full of pity love and power Come ye thirsy come and welcome God's free bounty glorify True belief and true repentance every grace that brings you nigh I will arise and go to Jesus, He will embrace me in His arms; In the arms of my dear Savior, O, there are ten thousand charms Come ye weary heavy laden, lost and ruined by the fall If you tarry till you're better you will never come at all Let not conscience make you linger,
Not of fitness fondly dream; 
All the fitness He requireth
Is to feel your need of Him. I will arise and go to Jesus, He will embrace me in His arms; In the arms of my dear Savior, O, there are ten thousand charms
G D When I’m gone, cry for me C G This is not how it’s meant to be G C I know now you feel death’s sting G D G The victory goes to the enemy G C When I’m gone , oh-oh When I’m gone raise a glass Make a toast there right by the casket ‘Cause I can do now what you’re not able I’m Drinkin’ good red wine at heaven’s table I am home, oh-oh (4x) So when I’m gone, shed a tear But grieve in hope, friend, don’t grieve in fear ‘Cause what you see now is not the end When heaven comes to earth the feast begins Let heaven come, oh-oh Let the Kingdom come, oh-oh “When I’m Gone” words and music by Jill McFadden 2013 Ordinary Time Music CCLI# 6418100
Help, O Lord 04:51
G Em Help, O Lord, no one is good anymore C7 Dsus Your faithful ones are fast disappearing G Em My neighbor lies, speaks with deceit in his eyes C7 Dsus With smiling lips but a heart that would hurt me Em C7 Help O Lord G Dsus Help O Lord They all say, “Who can stop us anyway? They’re our mouths—we can lie if we want to. Our kingdom has come, it’s our will that will be done. We’ll get ahead by any way we have to. Help O Lord Help O Lord The Lord replies, “I’ve seen your violence and your lies; I’ve heard the cries and the groans of the helpless. My promises are true—I’ll do what they have begged me to— And I will rise, I will rise up and rescue.” I am the Lord I am the Lord D C Though the wicked talk a mighty talk And evil is praised throughout the land The Lord will hear the cries of the weak D C - D His promises will are sure to stand Protect the helpless. Save the oppressed. Preserve the faithful, rescue the poor (repeat) “Help, O Lord” words and music by Jill McFadden 2013 Ordinary Time Music CCLI# 6418193
The Feast 06:41
D Em They brought in the goblets C G D Silver and gold, and drank wine from them The king and his nobles His wives and his concubines, they drank wine from them They praised the gods of silver and gold, iron and stone they raised their glasses they honored bronze they honored wood but as they feasted the kings knees began to shake his face grew pale and then his legs both gave way a human hand appeared and wrote high on the wall MENE MENE TEKEL PARSIN The king said to Daniel If you can say what this means You will be made rich And placed high over all of these Daniel replied “King You can keep your gifts for yourself I will read these words and tell you what they mean God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end. You’ve been weighed on the scales and found wanting in the end Your kingdom is divided and given to Your enemies God, the most high, gave your father glory and greatness and splendor! But you did not humble yourself, you have not honored the Lord! You praised the gods which do not see or hear or understand! “The Feast” words and music by Peter La Grand 2013 Ordinary Time Music CCLI# 6418289
G C G If I rise on the wings of the dawn G C G If I fly out across the sea Em C If I run ‘till I can run no more G Even then you will find me If I sink to the deepest place If I seek to in the darkness hide If I lie even to myself Still your hand will guide me C G D G For you hem me in before and behind C G D You the author of my days C G Em so I come before you arms stretched out C D G And I give you all my praise Search me and know my heart Test me and know my anxious thoughts Lead me in your righteous way So that I am with you . . . when I awake Author of My Days” words and music by Peter La Grand 2013 Ordinary Time Music CCLI# 6415859
D A/C# D G You who cry out ‘mine’ to D/F# A/C# All the wonders of your world; D G Em You take all the cre-dit, A/C# G/B A/C# D You have made it a-------ll. D A/C# D G Yet You have cried ‘mine’ to D/F# A/C# Ev’ry dark and bitter sin D G Em You took all the cre-----dit A/C# D For our fall. Bm D/F# G9 G You deserve the glory D/A F#m/A Bm9 You have borne the shame D/C G/B Em A/C# D Lead us to a high------er deeper praise! You who spoke to Moses, On Sinai long ago; Showed us how to know You In this desert waste But who has followed Save the man who was our God? Who but the lawgiver Has obeyed? You are the victor Shattering both sin and death Who can stand to challenge Your eternal throne? But You were defeated; You were beaten, stripped and scorned. What of human pain Have You not known? God tells our story And plays each needful part He is author yet He steps onto the page Come and praise our playwright Who alone has truly played He transforms the story From the stage. “A Higher, Deeper Praise” words and music by Ben Keyes 2013 Ordinary Time Music CCLI# 6418258
G Bear in mind, dear friends C As we make our way G D as we live toward the day of God G When the path is rough C When trials come G D G bear in mind His living word EM F# yes do not forget G C That to the Lord Our God Em D/F# C One day is like a thousand years CDGC And a thousand years are like a day CDG To the One who guides our way The Lord is not slow He does not forget He has not turned His face away His patience means Our salvation For He longs for every soul Just like a thief The day will come With a roar the sky will be gone After fire will come new earth and heavn’ The home of righteousness “A Thousand Years” words and music by Peter La Grand 2013 Ordinary Time Music CCLI# 6418272
Breathe Down 03:49
G Breathe down breath of God Em I can’t feel my body I have lost myself C I need your help G I need your help Breathe down breath of God Breathe into these streets and bodies half asleep Breathe into our hearts Breathe into our hearts Em C G F#/D Rise up people of God Em C G F#/D Into the morning light Em C G F#/D C With the hope of love and the promise of new life Rain down heaven above Flood the gutters of this town with your grace Rain on all of us Rain on all of us Lord, hear the cries of your people Lord, hear the cries Lord, hear the cries of your people And descend to us again Lord, hear the cries of your people Lord, hear the cries Lord, hear the cries of your people And descend to us again Rise, O sun, arise Bring the wild hope again to fill our souls Help us to believe To see and believe “Breathe Down” words and music by Peter La Grand 2013 Ordinary Time Music CCLI# 6418296


It is the aim of this new album to communicate the joy of the gospel—God pursued his fallen creation, coming as one of us to make a way back to relationship with him. The damaging repercussions of the fall will one day be fully reversed, and we will one day know and love God fully. This joy we have in God's story is not a naive joy; it is not a denial of the world's brokenness. This album includes songs of lament (Help, O Lord) and stories of God's judgment (The Feast), broken cries for God to breath life into a weary earth (Breathe Down) and songs that address the painful reality of death (When I'm Gone). This joy is honest about life's pain even while it embraces the promise that one day God will make all things right. It is a hopeful joy that acts as a lens through which we view, interpret, and act in a world that is hurting. It is a joy that is present, even in seedling form, in the midst of our deepest pain. That's the kind of nuanced joy we hope permeates this album throughout its wide-ranging subject matter—from creation to the cross, from lament to laughter, from present brokenness to the future renewal of all things.
We hope that you enjoy it and that it serves you, where you are. Thank you for listening to our music.

Ordinary Time

Fall, 2013


released October 29, 2013

All music written and played by Ordinary Time: Ben Keyes, Peter La Grand, Jill McFadden


all rights reserved



Ordinary Time

They met in a “History of Christian Worship” class in seminary, where they discovered a shared love for old songs in danger of being forgotten. The band’s oeuvre seamlessly weaves the hymns of generations past with their own new songs—often indistinguishably—producing a
sound that ranges from bluegrass-tinged Americana to sacred harp hymn arrangements.
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